Teenage investor buys a house for his mom

Have you already heard about Rashed Alhammadi? His name became widely known among Arabs two weeks ago – Rasheed shocked his friends and especially his mum after he bought her a brand new house in the rich Dubai district.

Only two years ago, Rasheed graduated from high school in Dubai. Since the early childhood, Rasheed was dreaming about becoming a business professional, but sadly he didn’t have enough money to pay for studies and didn’t want to be a burden for his mom. That’s why he started working at a local café.

Rasheed was serving the coffee with the lowest salary for whole year, but didn’t have enough courage and money to start something new on his own, or maybe he just didn’t know how.

One day a famous teenager investor T. Olsen came to the city and visited the café, and when the topic turned to life ambitions, he gave Rasheed some of his most important advices. He presented various scenarios in accumulating wealth and also agreed that there are many adults who find it difficult managing their personal finances.

Rasheed then decided to start investing small amounts of money. Everything began with small steps: reading books written by famous businessmen, doing market researches and starting from small investments. In a relatively short time the investments paid off and Rasheed decided to double them – and then came the big money. But more impressive is the fact that 91% of those who tried, succeeded to make 5 or 6 figures at their first month.

You can just imagine how shocked was his mom when he brought her to her new house. He kept his work as a secret until the right moment came.

This story shows that you do not need tons of money to start investing. It also became obvious that it is never too late to learn about money management and learn how to use money wisely.

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