| Mugabe abroad 'for past month'... absence noticed at rural home: report

Former president Robert Mugabe is leading a life of seclusion at his Harare mansion and seldom visits his rural homestead amid reports he’s been abroad for the past few weeks, a newspaper reports.

“Reports indicate Mugabe has been out of the country, in Singapore, for at least over a month,” the privately-owned Standard said.

Meanwhile some villagers in Kutama, around an hour’s drive west of Harare, are puzzled by the prolonged absence of their most famous clansman.

“We only wish he could spend more time here in his homeland, touching base once again with where he came from,” one unnamed villager told the paper.

‘He slips in quietly’

Another villager said the homestead is no longer guarded by state security agents, but by guards armed with simple catapults.

In the past, Mugabe’s arrival at Kutama would be announced by the arrival of his huge motorcade with wailing sirens. Now things have changed.

“I am sure if he comes, he slips in quietly,” a shopkeeper operating close to the homestead said.

It’s almost one year since Mugabe was forced to step down on November 21 in the wake of a brief military takeover.

The Mugabes now appear to have forgiven Mnangagwa for that. In September the state-run Herald quoted the ex-president as telling family members that the nation should rally behind Mnangagwa’s government. 

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